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The original 2006 Herald Angel image and this page come as a result of one of my angel encounters. 

God is alive and He is in control.

My daughter, Angelica, is responsible for the basic sketch of the angel.  Computer graphics have been used to make the image available in computer format.

The HERALD ANGEL and her story are copyright pending.    Below are just a few of the angels.   There are many more.

  Copying for commercial use or for profit is not permitted in any manner. 

The aim of the Herald Angel is to encourage, uplift, and inspire one another.

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Herald Angel Story

Fire Angels
Tear Angels
Shadowland Angels
Military Angels
(Dis)ability Angels
Death Angels


Herald Angel




- carrier of important news
- one who gives a sign of things to come
- official bearing message of state
   between sovereigns
- one who bears news or proclaims

 - heavenly messenger




positive/controlled - warms & illuminates

negative/uncontrolled - burns & destroys

The flames will not harm you
Nor the darkness overpower you....
They will transform you.



- image cast by an object blocking rays of the sun
- an imperfect imitation
- to follow closely




15 Minutes

15 Seconds Image Gallery Angels

Family Tree